Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal 

We now offer laser hair removal using the gold-standard, Lumenis Lightsheer Laser. The Lightsheer laser is known for its comfort ability, efficacy, and quickness. It uses both a vacuum head and an ice-cold tip which makes it virtually painless.

A consultation is required first to make sure you are a good candidate for the service. Complimentary consultations can be booked through our online booking system.

Below prices are per session. Approximately 6 sessions are needed for desired results. Facial areas require sessions one month apart and body areas require sessions 2 months apart. Discounts are offered when purchasing a package of 6 sessions.

Laser Hair Removal Price List

Brazilian (women only) $180 (package of 6 is $600)

Bikini $90 (package of 6 is $450)

Extended bikini $125 (package of 6 is $550)

Lower or Upper leg $175\each (package of 6 is $600)

Full leg $250 (package of 6 is $1200)

Lower or upper back $125/each (package of 6 is $600)

Buttocks $125 (package of 6 is $600)

Sideburns $55 (package of 6 is $300)

Chin $55 (package of 6 is $300)

Upper lip $55 (package of 6 is $300)

Underarms $75 (package of 6 is $300)

 Upper or lower arms $95/each (package of 6 is $450)

Full arm $175 (package of 6 is $750)

Chest $175 (package of 6 is $750)

Stomach $90 (package of 6 is $399)

Chest and stomach $250 (package of 6 is $1200)

Tummy strip $55 (package of 6 is $300)

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Cancellation Policy:

Need to reschedule?
Please provide 48 hours notice. Services will be charged in full when cancelling within 48 hours. Thank you for your understanding.


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