Facials & Medical Aesthetic Services

Our luxurious facials and treatments are done by highly-trained experienced esthetician’s and nurses done in a candle-lit room, using only the highest-quality professional products that are results-driven. Only all-natural butters and cold-pressed organic oils are used for massage of both face and body. Mineral oil is never used.

Our Holistic Facial is our famous signature prescriptive  facial aimed to relax the body and mind while bringing the skin to balance using results-driven regimens.

Our medical facial treatments are done using ZO SKIN HEALTH products, by world-renowned, Dr. Obaji. The ZO Skin Health line may only be sold and used with an onboard Medical Director. Medical skincare is used by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and nurses for faster results that are deeper and longer-lasting than superficial spa services.

We offer quality services using quality products.

 Hydrafacial Syndeo NEW!

The Wax Lounge is the only Hydrafacial White Star account for the Hamilton and surrounding area. That means we do the highest volume of Hydrafacials in the Golden Horseshoe! We carry all boosters and programs using the newest Hydrafacial system, the Syndeo.

What is a Hydracial?


Hydrafacial uses patented technology to cleanse, peel, exfoliate, extract (painless extractions? YES, PLEASE!), resurface, hydrate, fuse and protect. This trademarked unit is the original with patented technology made in the USA, and not an inferior knockoff. All super serums, alpha/beta hydroxy acids, antioxidants, peptides, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, growth factors,  boosters, and all other products used during treatments, are official Hydrafacial brand and of the highest-quality. Each Hydrafacial service is customized to your individual concerns to bring the skin to balance.
You’ll see immediate results both of the skin and in the “gunkie”! This is the official unit used in plastic surgeon’s and dermatologists offices, but conducted in a relaxing spa atmosphere. Endorsed and used by world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Zein Obaji and world-famous plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif (from the hit television show Botched), both of whom have created treatment boosters to be used with the Hydrafacial unit. It is recommended as a monthly treatment to keep skin clear, clean, smooth, hydrated and glowing!

Platinum Hydrafacial

$299 / 60 minutes 

The ultimate skin experience!

Each PLATINUM service begins with a therapeutic lymphatic drainage to detoxify the skin. A personalized program is then executed that is individual  to your specific needs and concerns. Using Hydrafacial’s patented vortex technology, skin is cleansed and resurfaced. Debris is removed from from pores with gentle, painless extractions. Skin is deeply nourished and hydrated then saturated with peptides and antioxidants to protect and fuse. The PLATINUM also includes red/blue light therapy and a targeted booster treatment to amplify and deepen your results.

Deluxe Hydrafacial

$249 / 45 minutes 

Using Hydrafacial’s patented vortex technology, skin is cleansed and resurfaced. Debris is removed from from pores with gentle, painless extractions. Skin is deeply nourished and hydrated then saturated with peptides and antioxidants to protect and fuse. The DELUXE also includes red/blue light therapy and a targeted booster treatment to amplify and deepen your results.


Signature Hydrafacial

$199 / 30 minutes

$575 for 3

$900 for 6 (save $300!)

Using Hydrafacial’s patented vortex technology, skin is cleansed and resurfaced. Debris is removed from from pores with gentle, painless extractions. Skin is then deeply nourished and hydrated then saturated with peptides and antioxidants.


Hydrafacial Keravive Scalp Treatment 

$450 each / $1200 for 3 treatments (1 month apart) 

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. This clinical service is designed to deeply cleanse, nourish and hydrate. A scalp with dry skin and clogged follicles can lead to poor circulation resulting in thinning, damaged, hair.


Hydrafacial Perk Eye or Lip Treatment 

$60 each

Upgrade your Hydrafacial treatment with a Perk Lip treatment to  plump and smooth that pout.  Or add on a Perk Eye treatment to awaken and brighten the delicate eye area. Or better yet, add both!



The Perfect Derma Peel

$299 each / $599 for 3 peels (1 month apart)

An intensive medium-depth skin resurfacing peel to target sun spots, acne scars, or an aging complexion.
Using, TCA, kojic acid, resinoic acid, salicylic acid, phenol, Vitamin C, and glutathione (antioxidant), this powerful combination will cause an intensive peeling of the outer layers of skin to bring significant improvement to the complexion.

A commitment to aftercare is required (aftercare kit included)


The Glass Facial
$249 / 60 mins

Oxygen facials are big with celebrities and now you can get one at The Wax Lounge.

This elite facial consists of a double cleanse, skin resurfacing treatment using microdermabrasion and lactic acid, masks, serums infused into skin using oxygen gun, deep penetrating hydrating treatment using ultrasound technology, 2 rounds of oxygen using the O2toDerm hyperbaric oxygen dome, and finishing products using luxury medical brand ZO Skin Health products. Each facial is customized to your particular skin and skin concerns.

Skin will be left smooth,hydrated, and glowing!

Oxygeneo Super 3-in-1 Treatment

$250/60 minutes

$140 / 30 minutes face Express (does not include radio frequency and ultrasound)

$175/ 30 minutes back

Using the authentic Oxygeneo system, skin is thoroughly exfoliated, oxygenated from within and treated to an infusion of powerful active ingredients. Each treatment is customized to your particular skin type and skin concerns,

Ultrasound technology is used to further penetrate a hydrating treatment into the deeper layers of the skin.

Radio frequency is used to heat up the deeper layers of the skin to tighten and stimulate collagen and elastin.


Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Facial
$249 / 60 minutes

Using the latest technology of tripolar radio frequency, the dermis is heated at the  optimal levels to tighten collagen fibres for a firming effect.

A series of skin firming protocols using ZO luxury medical line is also conducted, as well as RED LIGHT THERAPY to further increase the production of collagen and elastin.

Celluma LED Light Therapy
$50 / 30 minutes

The Celluma professional light therapy unit is an  FDA cleared service for cellular skin health, hair restoration and pain management.

RED LIGHT therapy increases collagen and elastin production, reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin’s firmness and resilience.

BLUE LIGHT therapy diminishes acne bacteria, clears existing breakouts, restores skin’s healthy appearance.

Book a red or blue light therapy session on its own or add to your facial.

INFRARED LIGHT therapy reduces inflammation and increases circulation, relieves arthritic, muscle and joint pain, reduces stiffness and muscle spasms

Book an infrared session on its own or add onto your massage appointment


Holistic Facial
$140 / 75 minutes   (with microdermabrasion $180)

$180 / 75 minutes using medical skincare products

The ultimate relaxation facial!

This intensive prescriptive facial is designed to restore balance and recondition the skin. Whether the focus is on anti-aging, hydration, or acne/oil control, only the highest-quality organic products are used. With Reiki, Indian head massage, massage of legs, feet and décolletage,  lymphatic massage using jade rollers and Gua Sha. It is designed to bring the mind also to balance.


$150 per session / $199 with added lactic acid peel 

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. It can improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, melasma, and other skin-related concerns and conditions.
The procedure uses a special applicator with an abrasive surface to gently sand away the thick outer layer of the skin to rejuvenate it. Add a lactic acid treatment for more instant rejuvenation.

ZO Skin Health Medical Facials
$175/45 minutes 

Using the powerful luxury medical skin care line, ZO (by Dr. Obaji), skin is treated to a series of concentrated masks, serums, peels, microdermabrasion, massage and LED light therapy and finishing products. Each treatment is designed to bring the skin to balance. Each ZO Medical facial will consist of one of the following modalities: 






Microneedling Using Skinpen $300 
$300/60 minutes

At The Wax Lounge, all of our microneedling services are done using Skinpen, loved microneedling system used around the world by top dermatologists and plastic surgeons. It was the first FDA microneedling device on the market and still the go-to for top clinics. Each session is performed by our master skin therapist Raine, using ZO prepping products and finishing with an infusion of ZO Skin Firming Professional Strength Serum.



*Add aromatherapy to your treatment for $10


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