COVID-19 Protocol 

There are new policies and procedures in place that we would like to share with you… 

  • You will be required to attend your appointment wearing a mask, which will be mandatory to wear during the duration of your appointment. There will also be hand sanitizer that will be a requirement upon entry.
  • Clients are required to come to their appointment alone and will wait outside the door prior to the appointment. It is prohibited in Ontario to have a waiting area inside the spa.
  • A no contact temperature check will also be conducted upon entry.
  • We will, at this time, only be allowing 2 appointments done at the same time to limit spa capacity to under 5, even though we are allowed a higher number. We are really playing this safe!
  • We will not be taking phone bookings, or rebookings at the desk so to limit any extra time spent in the spa. When you do book online, an email is required as we will be conducting contact tracing.
  • A series of questions will be asked upon entry in regards to travel and current symptoms, if any. Any display of illness will require you to rebook.
  • We will be utilizing both the front and back entrances to also limit your contact with another person. Social distancing will be mandatory and so only one person at the desk at any given time.
  • Our famous pedicures have always been socially-distanced, as they are done as you lie-down in your own private room.
  • Staff will be wearing both a mask as well as also being checked for temperature at the start of each shift.
  • We have always taken your safety seriously and will continue to do so through disinfection.
  • We will not be performing services of the nostrils at this time.
  • If you are unwell, please remain home and self-isolate for 2 weeks before reaching out to rebook.
  • We are taking the spread of COVID very seriously and want you to know that we will uphold our belief of people over money. All precautions will be top-of-mind.

Please feel free to ask any questions prior to your appointment


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